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Experts in the field for over 15 years, specializzati in Order Flow and Volume Profile Trading.

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Order flow trading
Order flow trading


Order flow trading

The Footprint  allows you to identify buyers and sellers tick by tick.

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Volume Profile

The Volume Profile  it is used to analyze the market areas of interest.


There  Heatmap is used to idenify  the entire market orders flow.

Edoardo Burattini

Independent trader since 2006 , Specialized in Institutional Volumetric Trading.


Since 2013 he has been involved in training, covering the following roles over the years:

​ -  Tutor in several London Trading Floors 

  Tutor at the "JH Asset Management Programme" in London in collaboration with the broker Valbury Capital

 -  Speaker for Activtrades at ITF in Rimini

Edoardo burattini trading volumetric

 -  Online webinars speaker / expert

    WeBank - BANCO BPM

 -  Volumetrica Trading Partner and Educators

 - Founder Volusia Trading


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order flow trading

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