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Order Flow & Volume Profile trading course

Volume Profile trading

The Masterclass is a highly technical INDIVIDUAL course aimed at all traders wishing to pursue a career as a professional trader by focusing on VOLUME and ORDER FLOW analysis.

The aim of the course is to provide a COMPLETE METHODOLOGY, at the level of those used daily in Trading Floors, born from the co-interaction of these three pillars.

In particular, the Masterclass is divided into three modules, each of which is dedicated to the three instruments described, i.e. volume profile / market profile, footprint and heatmap, making combined use of the information provided by these instruments and generated directly by the market ( MGI - Market Generated Informations ).

The course, the first and only one of its kind in the Italian training panorama on these topics, is supervised by Edoardo Burattini and has a total duration of 24 hours of teaching.

The course is held by videoconference via Skype/Zoom with sharing of the lecturer's monitor. A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the course.

We offer the possibility of organising a free, non-binding zoom orientation call to discuss any questions, doubts and curiosities

Edoardo Burattini

Independent trader since 2006 , Specialized in Institutional Volumetric Trading.


Since 2013 he has been involved in training covering the following roles :

  • Speaker/Expert webinars online WeBank - BANCO BPM

  • Partner and Speaker Volumetrica Trading

  • Founder Volusia Trading

  • Speaker Order Flow and Volume Profile for Tickmill broker

  • Speaker for ActivTrades at ITF Rimini

  • Lecturer at several London Trading Floors

  • Lecturer at the "JH Asset Management Programme" in London in collaboration with broker Valbury Capital

Order flow trading

Order Flow & Volume Profile Trading Course Presentation


Order flow trading

Volume Profile



The key tool in Order Flow Trading analysis is the Footprint.

this allows you to view buyers and sellers tick by tick, thus having extreme precision in your trades.

Order flow trading

A common Japanese candle seen from the Footprint thanks to Order Flow

Within the Footprint trading bars, buyers and sellers are displayed tick by tick.

Volume profile trading
Order flow trading
Volume profile trading


The Volume Profile Trading provides the amount of volume traded with an emphasis on how much trading activity there was on each price level touched within the given period, thus representing the structure of the market from a volumetric point of view. The analysis of the volumetric structure makes it possible to identify the most suitable areas for trading or possibly the most dangerous areas Where it is better for the trade to be discarded.


The Heatmap Trading can be considered to all intents and purposes the maximum evolution of the classic trading book ( DOM ) as it represents not only in a visual way the depth of the Limit orders present in the book and the way they evolve in real time, but also how they were positioned and how they have evolved in the past.

corso order flow trading

Who is this the Order Flow & Volume Profile trading course for?

Those who already have a strategy and want to drastically increase their overall performance with Order Flow Trading and Volume Profile Trading (increase winning trades and decrease losing trades, increase entry timing and consequently decrease drawdowns).

To those who want to have the tools to use a complete methodology based on a unique key to Volume Profile and Order Flow (at the level of those used daily on trading floors) that allows an operation on any time frame (scalping, fast swing and position swing) and on any instrument.


The Order Flow &  Volume Profile trading course is divided into 3 Macro Parts:

Footprint Trading course, Volume Profile Trading course and Heatmap Trading  course .


Unit 1 :

  • AMT ( Auction Theory ) and the concept of acceptance

  • Market Profile/TPO building blocks ( POC, Value area, TPO prints )

  • Principles and phases of the AMT; Equilibrium and Imbalance

  • Intraday analysis using the Market profile

  • Identification of operational levels and development of potential scenarios for session part 1

  • Anomalies and asymmetries

Unit 2 :

  • Volume profile constituents ( VPOC, HVN, LVN, Value Area )

  • Types of Auction Areas, Rejection Distribution and Balancing

  • Hybrid areas

  • Finish area

  • Combined Market and Volume profile application 

  • Identification of operational levels and development of potential scenarios for session part 2

Unit 3  :

  • VWAP and Standard Deviations, what they are and what they represent 

  •  Using VWAP and standard deviations as acceptance/non-acceptance markers on different timeframes

  •  Initial Balance, characteristics, statistics and operational scenarios

  •  Elements of price action, Supply and Demand

  •  Range trading dynamics

In simple terms:

In this module you will learn how to

  • understand what determines a trend and what stops it and why

  • recognise the main movement and its 'from where to where' potential

  • recognise where NOT to operate

  • identify the points with a high probability of reaction generated by the volumetric structure

  • objectively recognise phases ( or sessions ) of a rotational character from those of a directional character.

Module 2 - FOOTPRINT 

Unit 1 :

  • Market microstructure, trading book, order types and matching

  • Reading the Footprint and the information it provides

  • Initiative and Responsive actions

  • Absorption and operational trigger "Absorption"

Unit 2 :

  • Absorption vs. Exhaustion

  • Pullback" operational trigger

  • Auction anomalies and asymmetries 

  • Pressure absorptions and stop runs

  • Zero prints & liquidity sweeps

  • Trigger Rejection

Unit 3 :

  • Volume Clusters and Value Shift

  • Pressure Zones, Momentum Scalping & Momentum Failure triggers

  • Using triggers in separate modes between structural and scalping setups

In simple terms:

In this module you will learn how to;

  • understand what really makes the market move or stop

  • validate price strength/weakness at the levels of your interest identified by volume/market profile by reading the order flow directly

  • scalping within the structural movement

  • qualify the "solidity" of absolute or relative highs/minimums

  • identify levels of potential support/resistance to protect or against your trade generated directly from order flow

Module 3 - HEATMAP 

Unit 1 :

  • Features and Heatmap Reading

  • Liquidity types

  • Price/liquidity interactions, Absorption, Break through 

  •  Momentum/swing of control

Unit 2 :

  • Patterns of liquidity evolution; Layering, Flipping, Spoofing, Reloading

  • Stop runs; Momentum Ignition / Failure 

  • Iceberg orders, characteristics, identification, implications and dedicated strategy

  • Book sweeping, characteristics and dedicated strategy

in simple terms:

In this module you will learn how to:

  • identify and interpret liquidity and its evolutions, the other side of order flow

  • further improve entry timing by having a literally 'atomic' view of market participants and their actions 

  • how to scalp by combining Footprint & Heatmap

  • Identifying iceberg orders, markers of institutional activity

Some reports of a typical Edoardo's day

order flow trading course
volume profile trading course
order flow trading course

Some students results


The performances refer to the Live Trading service we offer to our students (find all info on the dedicated page), 2% risk per Trade (scaled), all live are recorded, the live  last 2 hours and are one per week, consequently the performances below are only 2 hours per week! 

We repeat



Performance EN.png

The track record starts in June, the beginning of the Live Trading service, and will be updated accordingly.

Trustpilot Reviews


average rating is 5 out of 5

I would like to say that Volusia Trading is an excellent training reality, Edoardo is very competent and helpful, volumetric concepts are not the classics you can find for free on the web, they are at a much higher level


Federico Roman


logo trustpilot.png

This is not the first trading course that...

average rating is 5 out of 5

This is not the first trading course I have done.
I did the master with Edoardo and I must say that I was very satisfied, both with the course content and also with Edoardo who explains a complex subject very well. In addition, he is a kind and helpful person.
I would definitely recommend the master for those who want to enter this world.
I only regret not having discovered it sooner.


Denis Rovedo


logo trustpilot.png

Volusia Trading is one of the best…

average rating is 5 out of 5

Volusia Trading is one of the best trainings I‘ve had. Edoardo explained it very well. Turned out very profitable. Definitely worth it!


Alfie Thain


logo trustpilot.png

Insane performance

average rating is 5 out of 5

The footprint almost doubled the performance of my strategy in about 4 months of trading, super satisfied!


Giuseppe Bonfiglio


logo trustpilot.png

Order flow

average rating is 5 out of 5

I think that order flow will soon revolutionise the classic way of trading, I find it mandatory to look for an innovative method and Volusia Trading is a safe solution




logo trustpilot.png

Formation with a capital F

average rating is 5 out of 5

I attended the Masterclass with Edoardo and I have to say that in terms of content, clarity of presentation and availability, there is no comparison with the Italian trading education scene. The course syllabus is very challenging and dense in terms of content and allows you to gain an understanding of the market that you have never had before.
Edoardo is also very kind, helpful and patient, always ready to give an explanation or advice, and this also post-course, which is no small detail.
Personally I can't wait to start putting into practice what I have learnt; it will take time to get everything down to a system but if you want to understand how to work in the financial markets this is definitely the right way.
For the quality of the Masterclass there could not have been a better investment.
Highly recommended.




logo trustpilot.png

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will I be able to trade both Futures and Forex?

The ORDER FLOW & VOLUME PROFILE route focuses on Futures, but it is possible to use Future volumes as a context analysis tool and then trade directly on the unregulated Forex market.

How much time will trading take me per day?

The Volusia Trading method can be used either in Scalping trading, so depending on your schedule you can trade short term, or in Swing trading, so watch the chart at most half an hour a day.

How long does the 1 to 1 course last?

The Order Flow and Volume Profile Trading course is very substantial, currently over 15 hours long.

What kind of preparation should I have?

This course covers ORDER FLOW and VOLUME PROFILE from the ABC's to advanced applications, so there is no need to have a particular level of preparation as the fundamental aspects will be covered in full in the course.

How quickly will I get results?

Edoardo will provide you with maximum commitment and assistance to help you see the first results in the first few weeks.

It is, however, difficult to make predictions. This is a high-level trading methodology that has its own complexity and discretionary nature, and therefore requires constant commitment from the trainee and respect for his own learning time.

To Recap ...

What you will get with the Order Flow & Volume Profile trading course

Footprint trading 1 to 1 course

Volume Profile trading  1 to 1 course

Heatmap trading  1 to 1 course

 Win-Rate strategy between 70% and 90%

 Template Footprint, Volume Profile and Heatmap 

1 Coaching (value €300) 

1 Month of Live Trading ($100 value)

Access to students' Discord group

 Certificate of attendance


1970 €

We offer the possibility to organise a free and non-binding zoom call for orientation to discuss any questions, doubts and curiosities you may have.

Still not convinced?

Then I'll give you an extremely valuable gift, a completely free course so you can see for yourself the quality of our trading standards and professionalism.

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