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Price Action Trading Course

Does it still make sense to buy a Price Action Trading course?


Ps: in this article I will talk about my personal thoughts on training courses, in general I will use the term Price Action course because usually 99% of trading deal with Price Action, that is the action carried out by the price, whether it is volumetric, algorithmic or technical, the term price action remains unchanged.

Said this, the question that all are made is: "But I need a course of Price Action to learn to make trading online?" my answer is absolutely yes, without a course of price action trading non imparai never really to make of the trading your profession, it is like saying I learn to make the surgeon without ever having studied by a person who does it of job, it seems to me as absurd...

That then there are many swindlers who sell you the course of innovative price action and in reality are kids who have lost much more money than they earned on this I agree with you, but without a robust and professional preparation you will not make much progress, there are exceptions but without a course of price action trading serious it is difficult to make trading your profession.

In substance, a course of price action trading is essential to pursue this arduous path, the difficult thing is which one to choose among the thousand proposed, try to go deeper than the simple appearance, to falsify some report or myfxbook does not need a hacker.

I leave you here the Link to the course of price action trading of Volusia Trading.

I also leave you the link to Volusia Trading's free price action course.


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