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Volumetric Trading

How volumetric analysis is used in online trading

analisi volumetrica trading
Analisi volumetrica trading

For volumetric analysis we mean a methodology of trading based on the volumes, that is the contracts represented between buyers and sellers, the volumetric analysis in the trading is an instrument potentissimo to the course of all, simply enough to know to be informed and to use the correct data.

Yes, the correct data! In the volumetric analysis trading hides behind the corner one of the more important problems for who uses the volumes, that is the data. A data feed is a mechanism that allows you to obtain the data of a market, in Forex this is not a problem because the broker always provides the data, but in the Futures is not so, the data feed is paid, being centralized ensures the passage of all orders from that exchange, thus allowing a correct volumetric analysis, in the forex but not being regulated market data are fragmented and therefore the volumetric analysis is not reliable, there is still the possibility of using the Future for volumetric analysis and then operate directly on the underlying unregulated (Forex).

In essence, the volumetric analysis in trading is in my opinion the best and easiest way to get profits from the market, but with some shrewdness, otherwise the volumetric analysis could be a double-edged sword, could destroy all your beliefs and not make you see the right way!

Now that you have the clearer ideas I leave you the Links to the course of volumetric analysis of Volusia Trading and to course completely free on the volumetric analysis of the footprint, volume profile and heatmap.


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