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What is Footprint Trading

The pivotal tool in Order Flow analysis

In the attached video you will find a detailed explanation of what footprint trading is and how it is used. trading and how it is used.

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Footprint trading (or also called Footprint or Footprint chart) is the most effective method for displaying buyers and sellers in the market. Footprint trading is used by the best professional traders, a tool of this caliber certainly gives a huge advantage to those who use it over those who have not introduced it in their operations (about 95% of trades do not use and do not know Footprint trading).

Trading is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, thinking of competing with large institutions could make you believe you have no hope of earning in the long run, if you do not take the right precautions it will be just so, it is completely wrong to think of being able to beat the great professionals only with their discretion, for this the use of volumetric tools such as Footprint Trading is the best choice that a retail trader can make to stay at least in the wake of those who really earn and live trading.

Having said that, I recommend that you download the completely free E-Book on Footprint trading, Volume Profile and Heatmap so that you can approach this fantastic and convoluted world of Volumes.

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