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how order flow is used in online trading

By order flow trading we mean order flow analysis, i.e. analysing the relationship between buyers and sellers. The key tools of Order Flow are: Footprint and Heatmap.

The Order Flow analysis is an exceptional trading methodology based on concrete and objective data, the volumes of a regulated instrument represent the absolute truth and the Order Flow allows to obtain very important information, thanks to the interpretation of the Order Flow the trader has all the information to understand if the market has a bearish or bullish direction etc..

The Order Flow is not only a powerful trading methodology, but it can also be integrated into a trader's strategy by increasing the win-rate, increasing the risk-reward, improving entry timing and decreasing the drawdown.

Order flow trading
Order flow trading

The order flow as just said can be implemented to your strategy but, need to pay close attention to some parameters, the order flow is based on the flow of orders, ie volumes, because the volumes are complete, reliable and true must come from a regulated market, such as Futures, so you can use the order flow to operate in the forex but I must analyze the flow of orders of the regulated market.

If you want to know more I leave here the link of the Masterclass and the free course, you will find all the information to better understand how to use the order flow and especially if it is right for you.


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